August 1, 2016

Call to Arms 2016 - 40k 1st Round Draw

Continuing a great trend by TO's the last couple of years the first round draw for CTA has already been released giving everyone some idea of what they'll face first up this weekend.  The first round match ups for this Saturday are:

  • Deon Adamson (Inquisition + Grey Knights) vs. Paul Webby (Dark Eldar Coven Grotesquerie)
  • Adam Richards (Space Wolves) vs. Michael Price (Tau)
  • Aidan Corlet (Tyranids) vs. BYE opponent (Ultramarines)
  • Alex Neil (Tau - Riptide Wing) vs. Sean Sullivan (Dark Eldar - Realspace Raiders)
  • Alick Harris (CSM Black Legion) vs. Bryn Jones (SM Crimson Fists)
  • Cody Parlato (Grey Knights Nemesis Strike Force) vs. Shane Ronganui (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Daniel Slater (SM Salamanders) vs. Scott Engebrets (CSM)
  • Dave Hodgetts (Necrons) vs. Glen Burfield (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Greg Greenfield (Eldar Craftworlds) vs. Ryan Pike (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Jake Easton (Dark Angels) vs. Me (CSM + KD)
  • Matt Green (Necrons) vs. Simon Smith (SM Raven Guard)
  • Nat Pihama (Tau) vs. Sergio Campbell (Astra Militarum)
  • Rob Ranson (CSM - Crimson Slaughter) vs. Thomas Watson (Space Wolves)
So its Dark Angels for me first up facing down the following list

Librarian w. L2, Auspex, Melta Bombs, Pyschic Hood, Bike, Force Sword, Deathwing
Librarian w. L1, Auspex, Deathwing, Pyschic Hood, Force Sword
5 x Command Squad w. 5 x Meltaguns, Drop Pod w. Storm Bolter
5 x RW Command Squad w. Plasma Talon, RW Apothecary, Teleport Homer, Blade of Caliban
5 x Scouts w. Camo Cloaks
10 x Tactical Mariness w. Rhino, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun
5 x Assault Marines w. Flamer x2
1 x Nephillim Jet Fighter
2 x Raven Wing Landspeeders
5 x Devastators w. 4 x Las Cannons, Signum

I'll try to figure out what it does before Saturday but will probably just wing it on the day.


NanaPaints said...

The list evaporates when Glen looks at it and otherwise just stands round trying to look pretty. - Jake

Ryan said...

To be fair many lists do that....