August 10, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Day 2 Two

Game 4 vs. Grey Knights (Deon Adamson)
Grey Knights vs. CSM and Khorne Daemonkin is a match up that isn't meant to go well for the forces of order... sorry I mean Chaos.  The scenario only had 4 objectives and was played from short table edge to short table edge with 2 objectives roughly in each quarter of the respective deployment zones.  Having played the scenario at Glen's place I'd gotten some great advice on how to win it which relied on baiting my opponent with a few units on my objectives while Deep Striking everything else behind him once he moved up.  

Grey Knights seem like a cool army but they are horribly small my opponent had a couple of Terminator Squads one of those big robot walker things and 2 squads of humans inc. one in a Land Raider.  I was expecting him to Deep Strike his Terminators but for some reason he opted to walk them up the board.  Most of my reserves came on Turn 2, dropped in behind him and it all went well from there.

Grey Knights deploy

Probably the most important moment of the game a unit of Flesh Hounds successfully charge the Grey Knight robot thing in my Turn 1 (he went first).  A 2nd unit joined them later and they kept it locked in combat until Turn 6.  They effectively took out his major source of fire power for the entire game.  After that I lost some models but just chopped through what he had left.  Another key moment was that my opponent completely forgot about using Force until the last turn. 

Charnel Cohort drops onto the Grey Knights objectives

Flesh Hounds - heroes of Khorne

Lord of Khorne gets into combat and just vaporises the humans in front of him
My Lord got some kills under his belt this game as well.  I hid him for most of the game until my opponents Land Raider came closer and demounted its passengers.  Another mistake from opponent when he didn't assault with them and when he failed to see my Lord in charge range off to the flank.

In the end I grabbed all 4 objectives and killed off all of my opponents army except for his Land Raider.  Nice guy but he played badly and made some crucial mistakes in a game where his army should have had some massive advantages over my Daemons.

Game 5 vs. Crimson Slaughter (Robert Ranson)
I really liked my opponents list in this game it was a Slaanesh army based around the Crimson Slaughter supplement and had some very cool items in it.  Unfortunately for me he had a lot of shooting based around Sonic weapons and one very large Bike Squad.  Again I played badly sitting back when I should have just charged straight at his Bikes with my Lord and trusted to win in close combat.  In the end I went for the objectives when killing his units would have been a lot easier.  When my Lord did get into combat he killed 5 bikes in one round of combat, but it was too late by then.   By spreading my units out he picked them off one by one and I dispersed my firepower.  A really enjoyable game against a nice opponent but I got tabled so not a good way to finish the event.

40k tournament number 2 done and dusted.  Enjoyable weekend looking forward to the next one in October.  


da Gobbo Grotto said...

Lessons learned? Be more aggressive with your Lord? He needs to be more Khorne! Sounds like you had a ball though Stump ;-)

John Murrie said...

Yep that's why I like tournaments you meet interesting people get great painting ideas and learn how to play better. Not missing WHFB at all and finding 40k to be highly enjoyable