August 9, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Day One

Game 1 vs. Dark Angels (Jake Easton)
Scenario for this match saw a Space Ship crash in the middle of the table.  To win you had to capture it and hold it with more scoring units than your opponent... simple right?  Having seen Jake's list in action I had a couple of early goals first of which was to kill off his Laser Cannon squad, and then target his Objective Secured units.  This worked pretty well but I started to take heavy losses as the game moved on.  Space ship came down in Turn 2 and match turned into a slug fest in the middle of the board.  Key error on my part was keeping my Lord out of the fight until it was too late.  

Damn drop podding Melta Squads!!!

Crater at bottom of the picture is the Space Ship

Bloodletters screen off the Space Ship allowing Cultists to capture it.

I killed a lot of stuff in close combat AP3 weapons are awesome against Space Marines but I ran out of troops and Jake secured a well deserved but close win.

Game 2 vs. Crimson Fists (Bryn Jones)
I played this one all wrong.  Scenario had 3 large blast templates that you had to capture, if you controlled them they moved toward your table edge where you scored points once they exited.  A wall of Tyranids came on the board moving 2 + D6" each turn killing everything it moved over.  Bryn had first turn and a lot of shooting - I opted to hide and got shot of the board early on.  Again I failed to move my Lord up early and wasted his abilities.  Very slow game as my opponent really took his time with things took an hour to play 1.5 turns but he tabled me in the end as his shooting was too strong and I just didn't make good tactical choices.  My

Game 3 vs. Ultramarines (Bye Player)
Die Ultramarine scum Die!!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Glory to Lorgar!!! 

Finally played a game smart - diagonal deployment and I deployed everyone forward and just rushed.  Concentrated my shooting on his big blast weapon (same as the Crimson Fist list from Game 2) and killed it in the first Turn.  Skull Cannons ability to Ignore Cover really worked and again AP3 Bloodletter weapons just hack through Space Marines like butter.  Finally got the Lord into real combat and he went nuts chopping down an entire an Attack Bike Squad and a Tactical Squad single handed.  My opponent had some unlucky dice rolls but his list wasn't that strong.  In the end I tabled him.  While it was a Bye which gave me max points I wanted to get an honest win from it so this was a nice way to end Day 1.

This is not going to end well for the Ultramarines
So Day 1 over.  1 cow slightly damaged, 1 car badly damaged, 3 games, 3 complete bloodbaths, 2 losses, 1 win and 3 really enjoyable games.  

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