August 8, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Results & Army Parade

Back from a very enjoyable weekend of gaming at the Wellington Warlords annual convention Call to Arms.  Nearly hit a cow on the Highway on the drive down, didn't play very well but 40k is still a great game to play.  Cheers to Craig Stewart for his great work organising the event.  CTA was also a rather different event this year not only as it was my first time playing 40k there but also for the other games that were present.  Notable was the large contingent of Age of Suckmar players who apparently were all GW employees, several Blood Bowl tables and the organised Dystopian Wars competition.  KoW had a reasonable turnout as well but Flames of War seemed to be suffering with just 4 tables and 8 gamers there for that competition. Last time I played FOW at this event there were nearly 30 competitors so its a pretty big drop.

My Army - CSM + KD Charnel Cohort
Overall Results
Winner of Best Sports for the event was Jake Easton (he got my vote) he did really well to finish 9th in his first event.  He also came close to securing Best Painted but in the end it went very deservedly so to Glen Burfield with his Eldar (you can see his Night Spinner at Spikey Bits here).  Full results table is below

I think 2nd to last was fair enough for how I did but I did find it strange that I could secure the 9th highest Victory Points total of 55 but still finish so low down (especially as the guy above me only had 4).  So on Victory Points I finished 9th, Battle Points 20th equal and Total Score 24th.  Best result for the weekend I guess is that everyone scored max points for Sportsmanship.

Army Parade
Some really nice looking armies at the event a few with nice looking display boards as well.  We had to vote for our 3 favourites and I went with Glens Eldar, Jakes Dark Angels and Scotts Nurgle CSM which were green stuffed up really well.  My thanks to those players who voted for my army - very much appreciated!!

Anyway here are the photos the quality isn't great - new phone that I'm still struggling to figure out. If you click on them they'll get larger.  Unfortunately I didn't get photos of all of the armies as some weren't put out for the Parade on Day 1.

 More stuff up tomorrow...

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