August 24, 2016

On the painting table - lots of WIP

After a month or so with nothing to paint I now have a sizeable pile (for me) of models to get through after a few acquisitions over the last week.  Painting delayed though as I've run out of undercoat and need to buy a pile of new paints having run out of basically everything except Mephiston Red & GW Washes.

Chaos Rhino No.4
Sanctum Imperalis - had fun assembling this plan on using it for a display board

Space Marine Chaplain, Librarian and Captain - the Chaplain will join the Word Bearers as a Dark Apostle the other two will go with my Death Watch.
Harlequins all ready to go now I just need some blue paint
Deathwatch Vanguard
Deathwatch Veterans plus Watch Captain
My next purchase - benefits of my wife being in Canada & the UK where prices are cheaper
Time for a supply run to Kapiti....

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