August 12, 2016

Social 40k -Tau vs. CSM & that's a lot of tanks!!!

Some good games going down last night at my local store "The Bad Cave" including another match up between my CSM and Alex's Tau.  The other guys were all running big lists at 2500pts one of which included 400pts+ of free vehicle upgrades.  I don't think I've ever seen that many tanks on a table before outside of Flames of War. Local player Scott has been Nurgling up a storm with the green stuff as well.

Dave & Caban go hard out
Simon & Scott - Blood Angels vs. Nurgle
3 thats right 3 Hell Cults

Finally I also got to play vs. Tau again.  Got my ass kicked again managed to at least wound a couple of Riptides this time and had the satisfaction of tank shocking a big Robot thing (can't remember the name of it but it cost like 500pts or something) off the table after it anchored itself.  First time I've used the tank shock rule as well.

Very different list for me as I actually took a Sorceror who got off one power and then died the next turn when Riptides vaporised his Bike unit.  Damn they do shot a lot.  Terminators got into combat after multiple D missiles and a bucket load of dice failed to kill their Landraider.  Getting closer to killing those Riptides maybe if I could carry wounds over from game to game I might get one?!?

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