August 20, 2016

WIP - Deathmasque box set + some CSM action

Making some progress on my Deathmasque box set.  Started with the Harlequins as I want to get some cork tiles to complete the basing on the Deathwatch before I start assembling them.   Really liking the models in the box the usual GW standard with a reasonable range of options - thats probably the hardest thing about the DW choosing what load outs to give them.  Only issue was that the instructions seemed to be missing 2-3 pages those showing how to assemble the Sky Weavers. Luckily Bell of Lost Souls had a link to a PDF version of the instructions with the missing pages. Seems a strange omission on GW part.

Also got my last game for a few weeks in at the Bad Cave.  2500pts vs. Simon's Librarius Conclave 'Look at all my Drop Pods and btw my Terminators can teleport everywhere list'.  Very enjoyable game bodies everywhere and hardly any models left on the table.  The Bloodthirster proved once again that he's there solely to die early but at least my Lord of Khorne on Juggarnaut got stuck in massacring several SM squads by himself.

Lots of hobby work next few weeks with the Deathmasque set also picked up some more stuff for my CSM and with my wife in the Canada & UK she has promised to source some cheap stuff over there for me.  At this stage the Deathwatch Transports and Kill Team box seats are first on my shopping list for her.

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