September 13, 2016

2nd Harlequin Squad complete & Chaos WIP

Harlequin troops all done.  Really enjoyed painting these guys and might get some more as they're more appealing than Deathwatch right now.  Also made progress on re-basing & repainting the Chaos stuff I picked up recently.

Re-basing work so far has involved: removing the Skull Cannons and Bloodcrushers from their original bases, removing the basing materials glued onto each one, covering them with Polyfilla and then base coating.  The Bikers I haven't attempted yet as they are proving somewhat harder to remove from their bases without breaking something.   

Some colour adjustments to the models themselves and I should get them all blended into the rest of my Chaos stuff.  Giving me a lot of options for Warpstorm in October.

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