September 17, 2016

Fun times playing Betrayal at Calth

After a few trail runs where my son and I got our heads around the rules we've slowly settled into playing BoC.  So far we've gone through the first 4 scenarios and had a little go at the last and largest one too.

The rules are fairly easy to follow more so if you've played 40k before.  Plusses are the clear victory conditions for each scenario, the games natural Balance and the turn limits for each scenario.  

There is an option for simplifying the game if you like.  Turns are kept and limited by drawing command cards of set size at the start of each turn.  Once you have no more cards to draw the game ends sometimes in favour of one side other times a draw.

To simplify the game don't use the cards just use a turn counter. I've been doing that with my kids and it works well. The command cards are very good but tactically and grammatically beyond the capabilites of a 7yr old although my 9yr old understood some of them.

In each scenario I've played the good guys the Word Bearers while my kids took the Ultrasmurfs.  So far I've had my butt kicked a lot as my son seems to have amaking luck rolling dice, not because of any flaws in the game. Although not using command cards makes it harder for me.

Some scenarios you can get through in 30mins others take much longer. I suspect scenario 6 would last a good couple of hours.
4 hits out of 6 shots really?!? All day my son was doing this 
Regardless it's been an extremely enjoyable game to play.  It's also easy to learn my 7yr old was after only 4-5 games fully upto speed with the rules and all our games flow very smoothly. Especially for him as I think the results are 10-1 in his favour or something.

This is definitely an easy fun and effective way to get your kids into 40k and gaming in general. I'm going to have to paint up some Ultrasmurfs for my son now though... ughhh

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