September 5, 2016

Kapiti Hobby Corner & Deathwatch WIP

Not a lot of progress with the painting of my Deathmasque models as I ran out of paint and have been doing nothing lately except mark student assignments; an activity that tends to suck your enthusiasm for most things out of you pretty quickly.

However, things are back on track now after a visit to the Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy and Scott Bowmans new Hobby Corner.  Scott's a local gamer whose had a strong presence in the FOW and LoTR communities for some time, I had an absolute stunner of a FOW match against him at my last FOW tournament.  Anyway Scott took over the Kapiti pharmacy and then promptly added a Hobby Corner, which expanded into a Hobby wall and is now threatening to take over the whole Pharmacy (which it should).  He's stocking a wide range of manufacturers - Mantic, Warlord Games, GW, Army Painter, Vallejo, Perry Miniatures, Woodland Scenics, FFG and more - and is filling a large hole in the local gaming community which has suffered from an absence of hobby stores in recent years.  We do have a good GW set up in Wellington and a few other small niche retailers but thats it.

He's already getting great support from gamers up and down the country so I dropped by last week to re-stock my paint supplies.  A couple of hundred dollars later and I was finally able to base and undercoat my Deathwatch.  If your in the area drop by and see him or join the Facebook group as he is more than happy to start posting stuff out and has started a really good loyalty scheme for repeat customers.

My painting work for the next month or so...
I might have also acquired another box of Bloodletters while I was there, because you know you always need more.  So if your in the need for some gaming stuff drop by Kapiti or contact Scott through the stores Facebook page and he will hook you up.

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Scott Bowman said...

Many thanks for the plug John, much appreciated and great to have you supporting the store :)
And yes I still that game, so close and yet so far... its was a cracker!