September 21, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin Tournament List & Traitors Hate

Finally back into gaming after 4 weeks away getting ready for the last 40k event (for me) of the year Warpstorm in October.  Standard 1750pt format with some restrictions that make for interesting army selection choices.  Played with a lot of options but decided to go with a fun fluffyish list based around units I like and which suits my rather "lets go up the middle without a plan" play style.

Khorne Daemonkin CAD
Chaos Lord
w. Juggarnaut, Sigil of Corruption, Blood Forged Armour, Collar of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, Power Fist

Set up gives him a T5 W4 3+/4++/FNP, Eternal Warrior and +2 to Deny the Witch which should help keep him alive. Pricey at 265 points so roughly the same as a BT but while I love those models I'm not impressed with them on the table top.

2 units of Bloodletters
4 units of CSM - Melta, Rhino, Havoc Launchers

1 unit of Bloodcrushers

Fast Attack
2 units of 10 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend - Magma Cutters

The Maulerfiend's a new addition could take two as my wife brought me another one in the UK but I won't have it assembled and painted in time so buffed out the Hounds to units of 10 instead. Massive absence of attacks especially shooting above S7/8.  But I have 10 objective secured units counting the Rhinos so my aim is to win games by going for scenario points.

Also secured Traitors Hate this week. Enjoyed the fluff and its good to see CSM get some attention My overall impression is that while some of the formations in the book are good the majority don't work as they are still based on a core Codex that is hopelessly out of date and in dire need of replacement.  Hopefully, hopefully the formations were written with a new CSM Codex in mind but I doubt it as many seem to mirror those in the recent Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter updates or various SM books.

There were a couple of interesting ones in there that I will try at some point just for fun but not for tournament play where multiple formation armies incur major scoring penalties.

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