September 23, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin vs. Imperial Guard

First game for 4-5 weeks up against a massive pile of Dave's Imperial Guard armour and Plasma gun infantry.  He had some quite nasty barrage weaponry that threw out an impressive amount of hits each round 40+ most turns, no Psykers though which was nice.

Simple plan Flesh Hounds go in front to screen everyone else and the whole force just rushes up (less one Tactical Squad who hung back to guard my home objective)
Imperial Guard disembark and then start blasting away at the Flesh Hounds.  An entire armies worth of shooting from infantry and vehicles sees 1 Rhino destroyed, 2 damaged, 1 unit of Flesh Hounds killed and the other with 1 Hound left.  My key units are all unharmed though
The calm before the storm as the Imperial Guard unleash a ton of shooting.
My turn now - CSM disembark and open fire on the Imperial Guard to soften them up and then the Lord, Bloodcrushers and Maulerfiend go charging in.  Result a lot of very very dead Imperial Guard and the Blood Tithe points are building up
CSM have all jumped out - one Rhino is wrecked, 2 one of which is Immobilised are down to 1 HP and the CSM are out in the open where they are going to get shot at for at least one turn.
Imperial Guard shooting pours on but is extremely ineffective particularly as the Blood Tithe has allowed me to give my entire force Feel No Pain.  The Hounds, Bloodcrushers and Maulerfiend are all dead but the Lord is busily hacking Imperial Guard to bits.  I also have Bloodletters dropping onto the board behind the Imperial Armour.
Meanwhile in back play - this is near Turn 6 - the sole surviving Imperial Guard squad make a late play for my home objective.  3 Flamers plus supporting fire from two Transports make quick work of the CSM Tactical Squad
Blood for the Blood God - Imperial Guard infantry are all dead as are most of the Imperial armoured vehicles.  CSM took out one Vehicle and the Infantry while the Chaos Lord has wrecked two tanks, and is now making short work of the Barrage things (Wyverns?)

Meanwhile in back play Bloodletters drop onto the board behind the other Imperial and proceed to wreck it all in quick succession.  
Blood for the Blood God and Glory to Lorgar!!!
Fun game that Imperial Guard formation pumped out a ton of shooting.  Really enjoyed my list think I'll have fun with it at Warpstorm, although it will get out maneuvered by a lot of lists.  If I can build an paint it in time I might drop the Bloodcrushers for a 2nd Maulerfiend because you know why the hell not.  Killing lots of stuff regularly kept the Tithe points buffed up and I had the bonuses rolling in quite regularly - Turn 2 FNP, Turn 3 FNP, Turn 4 Insatiable Bloodlust, Turn 5 FNP, and Turn 6 FNP.  The game did go into Turn 7 and in the end there wasn't much left on the board all but 1 of the Imperial vehicles were dead and there was just a single Imperial Guard squad left alive vs. 3 squads of CSM (2 below 1/2 strength), my Lord and a unit of Bloodletters.


Catachan Commissar said...

Very cool, both armies look great. I like the guard uniforms, interesting colors!

John Murrie said...

Yep Dave picks some interesting schemes for all of his armies always colourful