October 31, 2016

Holy Shit a Top 10 finish at a 40k event & Army Parade Pics

Great weekend of 40k gaming at Hagen's Warpstrom 40k event in Wellington.  28 competitiors (which is very good for New Zealand) playing 5 rounds in total - players pack is here for those who are interested.  In the end I did far better than I expected securing 3 wins and 2 losses neither of which were particularly bad.  The end result a 9th place finish which was surprising as hell to be honest.  I'll post some battle reports soon but for now here's the results table and the army parade pics (not complete as not everyone put their stuff out).

My games and results over the weekend were
  • 4-16 loss vs. Jake Easton's Dark Angels (inc. a Knight)
  • 7-13 loss vs. Aidan Corlett's Tyranids
  • 13-7 win vs. Caban Wilde-Murrows Iron Hands (inc. a Scarian)
  • 16-4 win vs. Jordan Green Black Legion 
  • 15-5 win vs. Nigel Ritchie Ultramarines
I went in with a CAD taking 9 objective secured units (including the 3 Rhinos) aiming to win by taking objectives.  The first game I shot myself in the foot by focusing on killing stuff but I finally got my act together after that.  5 good games, all very enjoyable against some very different armies. Smashing Ultramarines was definitely as nice way to finish.

Warpstrom Army Parade Pics 
My Khorne Daemonkin (less 1 Skull Cannon which I didn't paint)

October 27, 2016

40k Chaos Maulerfiend complete

Finished this guy just in time for a tournament this weekend where I'll get to use him... would still like to fix up the blood effects by getting some Tamiya Clear Red but it's not a biggie.

October 18, 2016

WIP - CSM/KD Maulerfiend

Taking one of these to Warpstorm at the end of the month - have one painted already that I acquired off a local gamer who sold off his entire KD collection (picked up 6 Bloodcrushers, 2 Skull Cannons, 6 Bikes & a Maulerfiend cheap as).  Still while I don't need two painted I can at least get this guy ready and take my own model down - I have repainted the one I acquired but still you want to take stuff you completely did on your own.

I've seen some great modifications done on this model where the legs are changed to give more dynamic poses.  Sadly that's beyond my capabilities at the moment.  However, I can at least add a couple of extras to it hence the Khorne banner and the Space Marine getting munched.

Once the PVA is dry and the cork is set the base will get my usual layer of Polyfilla and the standard dark grey washed colour scheme I use on all my Chaos stuff.  

October 16, 2016

More Harlequins Completed: Skyweavers, Shadowseer & Troupe

Collection moving along nicely now with painting completed on my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd Death Jester and Shadowseer.  Still 2 Troupes on their way to me but unfortunately I missed out on a 3rd cheap Death Jester and 6th Troupe after a late bidder nabbed the auctions out from under me.  Voidweaver paint stripped and re-undercoated as well so painting on that is the next thing on the list.

2nd unit of Skyweavers - patterns don't look as crisp on these for some reason... 

All 4 Skyweavers together - broke the glaive on one unfortunately..

October 15, 2016

Harlequin's 1st game & WIP Shadowseer

First small game with my Harlequins the other night only 1000pts up against a pile of Necrons.  Enjoyable game and I got to see how the army could work when its used properly.  Once I figure out the basics of how to utilise the various unit and weapon rules to maximise their effectiveness they'll be fun to play.  Brittle yes but then so are Daemons and CSM the whole being able to run and assault was good but I really need more Skyweavers - bit blobs of 4-6 would work quite well I think.  The Zephyrglaive is definitely the way to go with them as well as is mix n matching the various special infantry weapons.

Highlight of the evening was getting hold of my Codex which Simon had received that morning from his GW contact in the UK... its gorgeous...
Harlequin Troups dance their way toward the Necron masses
The Voidweaver gets slammed online but its shooting was quite helpful

The game basically centered around this combat with my entire force save for my Elites charging in
Had a productive couple of days with the paint brush as well making good progress finishing off my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd unit of Skyweavers and the Shadowseer.   Also have the Voidweaver soaking in Dettol so I can strip it and repaint it, and a 2nd Death Jester underway.

Opted to match the checkerboard pattern on the weavers on my Seer - pattern on legs isn''t quite right
Fun model to paint once you figure out what you want to do with it
Trying to decide whether to do checkerboards on the Miststave... its just so small
Also on the way are 3 more Harlequin Troupes and a 3rd Death Jester courtesy of Trade Me, and a Solitaire from GW in the UK (cheers Simon).  Going to have to order some different coloured flower tufts off the Kapiti Hobby Corner just to distinguish between units.

October 12, 2016

1st Harlequin list @ 1000pts

My Harlequin collection is growing nicely and I have enough now for 1000-1500 games albeit with a strong focus on infantry as I don't yet have enough vehicles to provide transports for them.  Still they get a lot of bonuses for movement so terrain is my friend.  

With that in mind I'll be giving them their first go tomorrow night at 1000 points using a Masque detachment from the Codex.  They're not all painted and I don't like using unpainted models but you know I really want to try them out.

Harlequins Masque Detachment
The formation rule means that from Turn 2 onward all units with Fleet can run and charge in the same turn.  Given that the entire army ignores the effects of terrain when moving and charging through it this is pretty damn good.

Death Jester - Laughing God's Eye

The Eye gives all friendly units within 12" Adamantium Will.  These guys are awesome in the shooting phase they hit and wound on 2's (BS5 + Poisoned), force a pinning test on the units they hit, if they kill a non-vehicle model get to stick a small blast template over its corpse to do more hits with ignore cover, and any unit that takes a wound must make a leadership test or flee in a direction the Death Jester chooses @ -2 Leadership.  

Inriams Spectre

The Death Jester from Death Masque he differs in that he gets Shrouded which considering Harlequins love terrain is extremely helpful.  

Shadowseer - Lvl 2, Mask of Secrets

Your friendly neighbourhood Psyker who in this case with the Mask is Fearless and reduces the leadership of all enemy models within 12" by 2.  Combine this with the Death Jester and you can see enemy units being forced to take leadership tests at -4.

Troupe - 3 x Harlequins Kiss, 2 x Embrace, Master with Power Sword & Haywire Grenades
Troupe - 2 x Harlequins Kiss, 2 x Embrace, Master with Power Sword & Haywire Grenades
Troupe - 2 x Harlequins Kiss, 2 x Embrace, Master with Power Sword & Haywire Grenades

Harlequins Kiss makes one melee attack go in at S6 AP2 with 6's having Instant Death.  The Embrace gives the model D3 S6 Hammer of Wrath Hits.  The whole unit has Plasma Grenades which are quite handy and the Haywire Grenades on the Master are good vs. vehicles.

Fast Attack
Skyweavers x 2 - Zephyrglaives, Haywire Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
Skyweavers x 2 - Zephyrglaives, Haywire Cannon, Shuriken Cannon

They are classed Eldar Jet Bikes which is fun now I know what they do.  Gave each unit one of each type of cannon so I could test them out.

Heavy Support

Painted this one really badly so I need to strip it as it looks like shit and I don't really want to use it but its a compulsory choice.  It gets bagged but it has lots of shooting which is nice.

There are far more special rules here for me to remember than with CSM & KD but I'm going to enjoy figuring out how to use them effectively.  

October 11, 2016

Playing Betrayal at Calth: Scenarios 1-3 overview

Think I've said it before but if you have a copy of this game and haven't tried it yet then you really should give it a go.  Its easy to learn, easy to play, a great way to get kids involved in the hobby and its fluff plus its fun as well.

The game also has a fair bit of replay value the original game comes with 6 scenarios and the first issue of the new look White Dwarf has modified versions of these 6.   Combining multiple sets would give you really big play areas and you could easily write your own scenarios.  These could if you wish increase the size of the forces used and turn BoC into a quite decent sized skirmish level contest.

Managed three full scenarios this afternoon after picking my son up from school.  He already has the rules memorised including all the weapon stats and as a result he was able to put all his attention onto the tactical side of the game.  End result I got my ass handed to me... much to his delight.

October 9, 2016

What's on your painting table? More Harlequins arrive

Ok I might have gotten slightly carried away with the Harlequin idea and ordered more stuff already. Along with the models/units in the Deathmasque set I've picked up a few more (also from Deathmasque) from Trade Me as well as ordered some.  Newly arrived another Troupe and a unit of Skyweavers and on there way are: Troupe #4, 2 more Death Jesters and a Shadowseer.  

I also managed to snag a copy of the Harlequin codex and had a good read ahead of getting my "official" copy.  It served to confirm my desire to collect and play this as my new army offering a good contrast with my CSM and KD collections.  It has some weaknesses but I really like the formations in the codex, the various special weapon options and the various unit rules.  It gives the army a lot of character to go with the highly variable paint schemes - surprising too that its assault orientated as well. 
Troupe #3 and another unit of Skyweavers
However, reading the codex did give me reason to remodel some of the models I'd already put together. My original weapon selections were based on what looked cool not what worked so I cut a few arms off and thanks to the very generous GW sprues rejigged things.  The weapons of choice being the Harlequins Embrace and the Harlequins Kiss.  The Embrace in particular is pretty cool especially when you combine it with the armies Hit and Run ability and formations that allow for running, shooting and assaulting in the same turn.

Chopped and re-armed Harlequin troupe giving them all Shuriken Pistols and Harlequin's Kisses
Looking forward to a good month of painting and giving my KD a final tournament run in 2 weeks time.  Just hoping for Death Masque purchasers decide they don't want their Harlequins and stick them up on Trade Me so I can pick up more - either that or I'll have to buy another Deathmasque box set to get the same sort of savings. 

October 7, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin vs. Imperial Guard Horde (Pictorial Report)

Really enjoyable game against Simon's Imperial Guard horde last night.  Very cool looking army consisting of GW figures from the 1990's sculpted and painted up to look like British Victorian era Infantry e.g like the guys in Zulu.  Its key feature was a blob of 40 Imperial Guardsmen supported by multiple Heavy Weapons, and several characters including Priests, Psykers and a special character called Ulric???  Turns out that blob was like a massive freaking tarpit of death and despair.  With orders and Psychic powers it spent the majority of the game as a Stubborn L10 blob with a rerollable 5+ AS and a 4+ FNP....

Playing long wise meant I had a narrower front to advance on which kind of helped.  Giant IG blob is deployed in the middle between the two buildings.  Everything of mine on the table bar 2 units of Bloodletters.
One giant blob at the front plus around 10-12 smaller units behind it with a host of Missile Launchers, Laser Cannons and Mortars.
Really really like these models - give this army a really unique look

October 6, 2016

Going with Harlequins... I must be a Masochist

Dwarfs in WHFB, Chaos Space Marines in 40k and now Harlequins.

I've read a pile of tactical reviews of Harlequins and how they play as well as their weaknesses etc, I'm also fully aware that fielding them in NZ events is difficult given their force structure and typical comp rules.


They're so much fun to paint that I've gone and ordered the Codex... we'll see how this pans out over the coming months

October 5, 2016

Harlequin Death Jester & Skyweaver + Kharn the Betrayer completed

Busy week this week getting a lot of hobby stuff done.   I've now finished both Harlequin Troupes, the Sky Weavers and the Death Jester from Death Masque.

October 4, 2016

WIP - Kharn the Betrayer

Started to paint this guy the other night details are a bit tricky but so far he's turning out ok. Photo quality isn't the best but you kind of get the idea

Also picked up some yellow flowery tufts from the Kapiti Hobby Corner to help make my Harlequins stand out a little more.  Waiting on some more to arrive as well as I'm looking at slowly increasing my collection of them just because they're really fun to paint.