October 15, 2016

Harlequin's 1st game & WIP Shadowseer

First small game with my Harlequins the other night only 1000pts up against a pile of Necrons.  Enjoyable game and I got to see how the army could work when its used properly.  Once I figure out the basics of how to utilise the various unit and weapon rules to maximise their effectiveness they'll be fun to play.  Brittle yes but then so are Daemons and CSM the whole being able to run and assault was good but I really need more Skyweavers - bit blobs of 4-6 would work quite well I think.  The Zephyrglaive is definitely the way to go with them as well as is mix n matching the various special infantry weapons.

Highlight of the evening was getting hold of my Codex which Simon had received that morning from his GW contact in the UK... its gorgeous...
Harlequin Troups dance their way toward the Necron masses
The Voidweaver gets slammed online but its shooting was quite helpful

The game basically centered around this combat with my entire force save for my Elites charging in
Had a productive couple of days with the paint brush as well making good progress finishing off my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd unit of Skyweavers and the Shadowseer.   Also have the Voidweaver soaking in Dettol so I can strip it and repaint it, and a 2nd Death Jester underway.

Opted to match the checkerboard pattern on the weavers on my Seer - pattern on legs isn''t quite right
Fun model to paint once you figure out what you want to do with it
Trying to decide whether to do checkerboards on the Miststave... its just so small
Also on the way are 3 more Harlequin Troupes and a 3rd Death Jester courtesy of Trade Me, and a Solitaire from GW in the UK (cheers Simon).  Going to have to order some different coloured flower tufts off the Kapiti Hobby Corner just to distinguish between units.