October 31, 2016

Holy Shit a Top 10 finish at a 40k event & Army Parade Pics

Great weekend of 40k gaming at Hagen's Warpstrom 40k event in Wellington.  28 competitiors (which is very good for New Zealand) playing 5 rounds in total - players pack is here for those who are interested.  In the end I did far better than I expected securing 3 wins and 2 losses neither of which were particularly bad.  The end result a 9th place finish which was surprising as hell to be honest.  I'll post some battle reports soon but for now here's the results table and the army parade pics (not complete as not everyone put their stuff out).

My games and results over the weekend were
  • 4-16 loss vs. Jake Easton's Dark Angels (inc. a Knight)
  • 7-13 loss vs. Aidan Corlett's Tyranids
  • 13-7 win vs. Caban Wilde-Murrows Iron Hands (inc. a Scarian)
  • 16-4 win vs. Jordan Green Black Legion 
  • 15-5 win vs. Nigel Ritchie Ultramarines
I went in with a CAD taking 9 objective secured units (including the 3 Rhinos) aiming to win by taking objectives.  The first game I shot myself in the foot by focusing on killing stuff but I finally got my act together after that.  5 good games, all very enjoyable against some very different armies. Smashing Ultramarines was definitely as nice way to finish.

Warpstrom Army Parade Pics 
My Khorne Daemonkin (less 1 Skull Cannon which I didn't paint)

Jake's Dark Angels - well deserved winner of Best Painted

Aidan's Tyranids - played these in Round 2

The list that won the event - FOUR Knights - ones missing from the picture

These are Ultramarines - had fun killing these in Round 5

Black Legion - including BL Warband & the Vindicator formation with the Apocalyptic Template, came very close to tabling this army
Glen Burfield's Daemons - Finished 2nd

Luke Forest's Tyranids - there was some amazing conversion work here
 Missing from the Photos I think are the 2 Space Wolve armies and a couple of others I can't place.

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