October 7, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin vs. Imperial Guard Horde (Pictorial Report)

Really enjoyable game against Simon's Imperial Guard horde last night.  Very cool looking army consisting of GW figures from the 1990's sculpted and painted up to look like British Victorian era Infantry e.g like the guys in Zulu.  Its key feature was a blob of 40 Imperial Guardsmen supported by multiple Heavy Weapons, and several characters including Priests, Psykers and a special character called Ulric???  Turns out that blob was like a massive freaking tarpit of death and despair.  With orders and Psychic powers it spent the majority of the game as a Stubborn L10 blob with a rerollable 5+ AS and a 4+ FNP....

Playing long wise meant I had a narrower front to advance on which kind of helped.  Giant IG blob is deployed in the middle between the two buildings.  Everything of mine on the table bar 2 units of Bloodletters.
One giant blob at the front plus around 10-12 smaller units behind it with a host of Missile Launchers, Laser Cannons and Mortars.
Really really like these models - give this army a really unique look

Part of the blob in the middle - turns out I should have shot at it as AP5 bolters do more damage than AP- CCW against Imperial Guard something I completely forgot

Opening moves the Khorne rush - stopped only in places by Rhinos getting wrecked or immobilised
Turns out IG shooting isn't as effective as it could be 100+ shots go in and the result is just a few wounds on the Flesh Hounds, one wrecked and one immobilised Rhino.  So the IG blob gets ready to charge instead.

Start of the major combat - a melee that would eventually encompass 3/4 CSM Tactical Squads, both units of Flesh Hounds and my Lord and which lasted from the Top of 2 and only ended at the bottom of Turn 6

Meanwhile the Daemon's get busy in the background but killing units of 5 IG at a time seems like such as waste of potential
Bloodletters come on to divert some shooting which they did quite well - 40+ shots went into that unit which meant 40+ shots not going toward my Marines.
Die already!!!! 
The blob is still there but at least I've split in two and the Psyker is dead so the FNP has gone but the rerollable AS isn't and that is causing me a ton of problems.
Oh the humiliation - 3 squads of CSM in close combat lose combat fail morale and run away.  First the two on the left...
Now the guys on the right run away but at least the 4th squad has finally moved up into assault range
Turn 5-6 and there's bugger all left on the table - the IG blob is pretty much dead just characters to kill now but I only have my Tactical Squads and Lord left.  
Why won't this guy die!!!
Killed this guy eventually but then on a 3+ he pops back up again.....
Final dash for objectives as the game enters Turn 7

And he pops back up - charges back in and AH HA HA dies.... really like the size comparison here
In the end the game was a massacre with units being chopped up everywhere.  That Imperial Guard blob was incredibly effective and its a codex I really enjoying playing against.  A heavy shooting army vs. a Khorne army without any shooting aside from the Rhinos is not going to go well until I get into combat.  As always I continue to enjoy playing Khorne... only modification I would make to this list would be dropping the Blood crushers and adding in a Skull Cannon which might help a little more.

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