October 16, 2016

More Harlequins Completed: Skyweavers, Shadowseer & Troupe

Collection moving along nicely now with painting completed on my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd Death Jester and Shadowseer.  Still 2 Troupes on their way to me but unfortunately I missed out on a 3rd cheap Death Jester and 6th Troupe after a late bidder nabbed the auctions out from under me.  Voidweaver paint stripped and re-undercoated as well so painting on that is the next thing on the list.

2nd unit of Skyweavers - patterns don't look as crisp on these for some reason... 

All 4 Skyweavers together - broke the glaive on one unfortunately..
Managed to get patterns reasonably similar but colour tones are not quite as well matched
Really enjoyed painting this guy - need to get 2 more, or maybe just 1 as I can use Eldrad...

2nd Death Jester 
3rd Harlquin Troupe
Everything that's been painted so far
What a few hours soaking in Dettol gets you
Stripping the Voidweaver was tricky only in that its shape meant I had to do it in two stages soaking first the top and then the bottom half in Dettol (the yellow not the green kind).  Only had to soak it for a few hours for the Dettol to do its stuff and hey presto a quick scrub and clean and its ready to go again.  Will stick to the checkerboard pattern used on the Skyweavers but look at applying it slightly differently.

To get my force upto 1750pts + I really need that Solitaire (or 2), 1-2 more Shadowseers and a lot more vehicles e.g. Skyweavers.  Might just have to acquire another DeathMasque set as that's by far the cheapest way to get hold of Harlequin models.

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