October 9, 2016

What's on your painting table? More Harlequins arrive

Ok I might have gotten slightly carried away with the Harlequin idea and ordered more stuff already. Along with the models/units in the Deathmasque set I've picked up a few more (also from Deathmasque) from Trade Me as well as ordered some.  Newly arrived another Troupe and a unit of Skyweavers and on there way are: Troupe #4, 2 more Death Jesters and a Shadowseer.  

I also managed to snag a copy of the Harlequin codex and had a good read ahead of getting my "official" copy.  It served to confirm my desire to collect and play this as my new army offering a good contrast with my CSM and KD collections.  It has some weaknesses but I really like the formations in the codex, the various special weapon options and the various unit rules.  It gives the army a lot of character to go with the highly variable paint schemes - surprising too that its assault orientated as well. 
Troupe #3 and another unit of Skyweavers
However, reading the codex did give me reason to remodel some of the models I'd already put together. My original weapon selections were based on what looked cool not what worked so I cut a few arms off and thanks to the very generous GW sprues rejigged things.  The weapons of choice being the Harlequins Embrace and the Harlequins Kiss.  The Embrace in particular is pretty cool especially when you combine it with the armies Hit and Run ability and formations that allow for running, shooting and assaulting in the same turn.

Chopped and re-armed Harlequin troupe giving them all Shuriken Pistols and Harlequin's Kisses
Looking forward to a good month of painting and giving my KD a final tournament run in 2 weeks time.  Just hoping for Death Masque purchasers decide they don't want their Harlequins and stick them up on Trade Me so I can pick up more - either that or I'll have to buy another Deathmasque box set to get the same sort of savings. 

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