November 6, 2016

Daemonkin @ Warpstorm Day 1 in pictures

Day 1 of Warpstorm and I had 3 interesting match ups against Jakes Dark Angels, Aidan's Tyrannids and Caban's Iron Hands.  Three very different lists and opponents and 3 very enjoyable games.  The first two match-ups weren't ideal as Jake's list was fielding an Imperial Knight which I lacked the weapons to kill.  Aidan's Tyrannids had the usual number of flyers 4 in total which I would need a lot to hit let alone kill as KD & CSM lack any form of Skyfire.

Pictures are all very large so click on them to see better quality

Game 1 vs. Dark Angels (Jake Easton)
Result: 3-17 loss
I mucked this game up from the start focusing on killing stuff rather than going for the objectives - the game was quite close but I gave up too many points and by the time I switched tactics I was too far behind to catch up.  Jake out played me and by the end pretty much everything on the table was dead expect for his Knight and a couple of isolated Bloodletters.
Playing Length wise I had first turn so rushed as you'd expect - unfortunately I forgot about Jakes Melta squad in the Drop Pod and didn't leave anyone behind to counter it.

Plan was to tie this up with units of Hounds while I killed everything else then try to get lucky against it
Custom intereior 
Why Jake deservedly won Best Painted at the tournament

Forgot about these guys and it was only bad dice on Jakes part that stopped them from vaporising my Skull Cannons when they arrived... having all 3 of my Rhinos immobolised didn't help
Beautiful terrain
All set for the first set of charges - the Knight still hasn't made an appearance yet
Here he comes - Dogs go in to wrap it up in combat but... the 2 Rhinos are both stuck and within stomp range something I would regret 
Bloodletters do what they do best kill Space Marines - AP3 S5 on the charge is pure gold

This didn't go as well as I thought it would..
This didn't go well at all - he rolled 6's and its bye bye Chaos Lord... should have kept him out of it

Final throw of the dice...
 Game 2 vs. Tyrannids (Aidan Corlett)
Result: 4-16 loss
Tough game this one as without Skyfire I just couldn't take down Aidan's Hive Tyrants.  I pretty much wiped the table clean of everything else and was picking up objectives but his Tyrants were vaporising everything they passed over.  First wound on a Tyrant was a result of a Perils roll and my luck wasn't with me when a mass of Bolter fire at a grounded Tyrant failed to do a single wound and then I failed my charge to assault him in the last turn.  I did have a plan which was to rush forward to try to move around outside the arc of his flyers but Aidan moved them well and got a well deserved win why CSM/KD don't get Skyfire is beyond me.  I got lucky when my Warlord rolled for the "Moves through Cover" trait on the Command table - so I started by moving everything with him in toe through and around terrain.

Tyrannids get first turn which didn't help me at all there was a lot of terrain which I used to my advantage early on
Uggh just so many of them
Most of my army goes right to hide - one Rhino's already dead but I'm in charge range of the Tyrannid ground troops
One of only 2 games out of 5 that my Maulerfied made it to combat every other game it was exploded in Turn 1 often before it 

Tyrannids on the ground die easy enough and was taking objectives as flyers can't while in the air... but I couldn't kill them
Key objective was in this terrain piece and I had CSM going to ground in it to hide... 
T:yrant on the ground so what do I do?  Miss half my shots, fail to wound with the rest and then fail the charge..
Game 3 vs. Iron Hands (Caban Wilde-Murrow)  
Result: 13-7 win
A lot of terrain on this table and I started by deploying a bunch of stuff in the open where it promptly got shot to bits.  Centurions came down in a Drop Pod and vaporised a bunch of stuff before my Lord charged in and ripped them to shreds.  The Scarian Tank was quite nasty and was largely negated by the terrain.  My key advantage is that I had a lot of OS Troops and the 2 Skull Cannons Ignore Cover rule meant that Caban's troops couldn't hide in the terrain while mine could.  One clever tactic by Caban through the game was his use of his vehicles mainly the Rhinos to block LOS and movement around the board.  It meant I had to go around the flanks and gave him more time to shoot me.  In the end though it worked against him as it my Tactical Squads safe, created a nice area for my Daemons to DS into and which is SM couldn't get out of.  Near the end when taking objectives really mattered it also slowed down his sole remaining non-Tank unit his Bikes.
Lots of stuff in the open where the Vindicators can shoot it... DUH!!!
Iron Hands Rhinos block off movement and LOS - I had OS troops sitting on most objectives, with Blood letters coming on to take the rest and kill Space Marines

Bloodletters come on and start going for objectives and the Marines guarding them
My Tactical squads spent the entire game in my half of the board holding objectives - all the work being done by the Daemons and my Lord.

My key objective worth 4VP - had 4 OS units hiding on it and holding it near the end of the game as Caban's Bike squad was charging in
More clever use of vehicles Vindicators block my Lords approach but he died to Plasma gun fire from the Bikes before the Flesh Hounds killed off the Vehicles

So Day 1 over 2 losses and 1 win so but neither loss was especially bad i.e. no 0-20.  At this stage I was hoping for maybe one more win on Day 2 get myself out of the bottom of the table and away from the wooden spoon.   In 2/3 games the Maulerfiend died in Turn 1, I lost my Warlord in all 3 match ups and it took until Game 3 for me to remember that objectives are what counts.

Faction Objective Cards
The tournament played with a restricted deck of 18 TO Cards and these were modified so remove the D3 points results with most giving you 2 VP and only 1 not 2 options for winning them.  I made a decision as per the tournament pack to play the KD faction cards meaning instead of taking cards 11-16 which said take Objectives 1-6 my KD ones were all variations on - kill a unit get a point, lose a unit get a point, kill more stuff get more points, lose more stuff get more points.  Not quite sure if this worked to my advantage but I liked using them as it fit in with the army.

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