November 7, 2016

Harlequin Solitaire, Death Jester & 2nd Starweaver complete

More Harlequin fun as I slowly work my way through my collection of unassembled and unpainted models.  Latest models to be completed a Solitaire, 3rd Death Jester and 2nd Star/Voidweaver.  Apologies for my rubbish photo taking skills...

Newest one is in the middle

So my completed Harlequins to date include:
  • 2 Star/Voidweavers
  • 4 Skyweavers
  • Solitaire
  • 3 Death Jesters
  • Shadowseer
  • 18 x Players
Next up on the painting table
Still to go are:
  • 2 Star/Voidweavers
  • 2 Skyweavers
  • Eldrad Ulthuan
  • Shadowseer
  • 30 x Players
So still lots to do should last me a month or two.  Once they're done i'll be concentrating on making a new larger display board from the Khorne Daemonkin as well as one for the Harlequins (as soon as I decide on a design).


JamieM said...

The coloured checks are very well done, it's a great looking force!

John Murrie said...

Thanks appreciate that :)