November 25, 2016

Harlequins vs. Iron Hands @ 1750

Had my 3rd ever game with my Harlequins last night up against Caban's Iron Hands complete with his FW Scarian Tank (which is just awesome btw).  He took something a little different to his usual list maxing out his tactical squads taking 4 units of 10 which he split into 8 x 5 man combat squads each with a Laser Cannon.  Up against him I took pretty much every painted model I had in the form of the Ceogarachs Revenge formation which has 2 particularly useful rules (1) all models re-rolls invulnerable saves of 1 and (2) all models with Fleet can run and charge from Turn 2 onward.

Ceogarachs Revenge
3 x Shadowseer - all L2, 2 with Phantamancy, 1 with Telepathy
3 x Death Jester
3 x Troupes in Skyweavers - Master w. Caress, 2 x Embrace & 2 x Kiss
2 x 4 Skyweavers - 2 Haywire & 2 Shuriken + Zephyrglaives

Overall. it was good game in the end he had his Scarian and a Rhino left on the table while I was down to my Solitaire, the Voidweaver, one Troupe and a few Skyweavers.  The Solitaire is just brutal in close combat he just zipped back and forth across the board vaporising whatever he touched - a unit of Bikes, then 4 different Tactical Squads all on his own.  Didn't realise that he can also glance down vehicles as well with his Caress.  One telling turn was No.4 where pretty much all of Caban's remaining shooting went into him and his 3++ with re-roll ones just bounced them all off.   
Troupes deploy in their Starweavers ready to go - Death Jester & Shadowseer in the building
I opted for Phantasmancy on 2 of my Shadowseers as I like the Witchfire powers it has, and these go well with the basic tactic of sticking them into a Starweaver with a Troupe.  However, I think you do need to have at least one guy on foot preferably hidden in a blob of some kind to utilise the Blessings and Maledictions which you cannot do from Buildings or Vehicles.

Combination of Haywire and Shuriken Cannons on the Skyweavers worked well - Haywire is pretty good for taking down vehicles and a S4 Blast isn't that bad against Infantry either.  Still getting used to how they move though.  Zephryglaives are nasty in combat S5 AP2 on the charge!!

Transports got taken out fairly quickly but their Shuriken Cannons were doing a fair bit of damage after that the Troupes got stuck into the Iron Hands vehicles and other units.  Finding that the 2 Kiss, 2 Embrace kit out is pretty versatile.  Do need to remember that Troupe Masters have 2 wounds though not one. Although in this game I did at least remember that I can assault out of the Starweavers.

There is still a serious lack of anti-armour across the Harlequin list with S6/7 the maximum you get on anything.  After that you relying on Haywire Cannons, Haywire Grenades, S6 HoW from Embraces and 6's from the Caresses to take down vehicles.  But it can be done  Haywire Cannons and Grenades glanced down the Land Raider and also took out Rhinos quite comfortably.

Sorry Marines time to die!!
Again the Solitaire is awesome - last week he died before I got to move him this time he just munched everything and only took 1 wound the entire game.  WS9 BS9 I10 A6 base gives him with his Caress & Kiss 7 attacks at S4 on the charge & 1 at S6 AP2 (6 + 1 for two melee + 1 for charge) - all of those attacks auto-wound on to hit rolls of 6 @ AP2 as the rules for the Kiss and Caress stack (both rules as written and new FAQ).  So 6's to hit = dead Space Marines and also auto-glance against vehicles.  Also used his super move the D6 x Turn number but forgot that it boosts his attacks to base 10 meaning 12 on the charge - probably something you should save up for attacking a vehicle.

Voidweaver hiding behind wrecked Rhinos

Overall, I'm slowly getting the feel for the army especially now I am starting to figure out how each of the different vehicles move.  Few more games and I'll have all the stats and special rules memorised and things will start to get easier.

Winning games with it is going to be tough though as (a) you do not have objective secured units and (b) the formations place big restrictions on how many units you can field in any list.  Consequently, while I nearly tabled Caban he slaughtered me on Objective points.

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