November 23, 2016

New 40k FAQ's - Summoned Bloodthirsters are Ok now?

New official FAQ's for the 40k 7th Ed rulebook were released yesterday.  There are a number of key changes throughout, most of which have no affect at all on the armies I play.  There were some that stood out though:

"If a FMC is conjured or otherwise summoned during the course of the game, as soon as it enters play, you must declare whether it is in Swooping or Gliding mode."

This is a big deal - being forced to bring summoned BT on in swooping mode effectively made them useless.  Now its worthwhile saving up those Blood Tithe points - in most games I getting to the magical 8 number by Turn 3 and occasionally Turn 2.  So summon one in Turn 2 or 3, stick them in glide mode and they can charge the very next turn.... nice!!

"Some witchfires do not have a profile where this is the case no to hit roll is required the attack hits automatically."

I'm reading this as saying that unless the power specifically says the Witchfire is focused, beam etc then it does not require a to Hit Roll.  So none of the Harlequin Phantasmancy witchfire powers therefore need a to hit roll as none as classed as specific type of witchfire.

"Do weapon special rules that say a model equipped with this weapon or this weapons bearer take effect even when not used as the attacking weapon?  YES"

Great news for Harlequin Solitaires as it means the Kiss and Caress combo now works as it should do e.g. all 6's to hit are automatic wounds at AP2 and you get 1 attack that is also S6 AP2 with a to wound roll of 6 meaning instant death.  FAQ also means fun things for CSM armies were certain weapons can bonuses the more wounds you do e.g. Goredrinker but now you don't have to specifically utilise that weapon to get them.

"Passengers shooting from Fast Skimmers that move more than 6" are firing snap shots"

Thank you - couldn't figure this one out.

"If a hit and run roll would take me off the table do I stop at the table edge?  YES"


"Does move through cover allow units to strike at their normal initiative?  NO"
"Are beasts and cavalry reduced to Initiative 1 when charging through difficult terrain?  YES"

Thank you - the Gorepack and Flesh Hounds in general just go nerfed slightly.

"The vertical firing arc for flyers... assume that weapons can swivel 90 degrees vertically 45 degrees up and 45 degrees down."

This raises a question - if a model is outside that 45 degree arc e.g. directly underneath a flyer does this mean the flyer cannot hit it as being directly underneath it = a 90 degree vertical arc?

"Yes flyers wings and tails are considered part of the hull in all respects."

So if I my opponent rolls a 6 to charge me and the wing of my BT is 6 away but the base is 9 he still makes the charge.

"If you a unit contains multiple Psykers can they cast the same power e.g. Psychic Shriek multiple times once for each Psyker"


I think there needs to be some clarification around the Psychic phase for 40k and it should operate like magic did in 8th Ed WHFB.  You declare which mage is casting a spell, finish him and then move onto the next mage using dice from the pool at each turn.  If the mage fails to cast a spell then he's done and you move on.  None of this bouncing back and forth between mages.

"Psykers embarked in Transports or buildings CAN only cast witchfire powers."

The transport one I picked up on last week, but the building one is new.  So no more hiding Psykers and spamming stuff.  That also means that flying Psykers cant land on buildings and then start casting stuff except witchfire either.  Makes it even more important that people specify which exact Psyker is attempting to utilise the Warp each phase e.g. Now I'm using the Blue guy, now the blue guy has finished the Red guy is going to...

"If there are no models left in close combat with a Super heavy walker or a GC at the I1 step can it still make a stomp attack?  NO"

Ah ha suck it Imperial Knight yes you killed all my stuff but now you can't stomp all my other stuff thats close by.

"Can I attempt invulnerable saves or use the Eternal Warrior special rule against Stomp attacks that cause a model to be removed as a casualty?  NO

Ummm not quite sure about this one?  I thought you could always take an Invulnerable Save and the point of Eternal Warrior is that it stopped you from being stomped to death?

"Can FNP be taken when a rule says no save may be taken?  YES"


"Do FNP stack?  NO."



Shadowmancer said...

I know that the Aussies have played the game with Storm Ravens that you cannot target anything within 9" just due to how the weapons generally would be put on the model

John Murrie said...

Interesting way to play makes sense too