November 12, 2016

What's on your painting table?

No painting since I finished Eldrad Ulthran a few days ago as I've hit a bit of wall painting wise. Instead I've been assembling my remaining Harlequin Troupes & vehicles and on sorting out what I have left on my painting to do list... turns out there's quite a bit.
  • 2 Void/Starweavers (assembled and undercoated)
  • 6 Skyweavers (2 undercoated, 2 needing touch ups and 2 nearly complete)
  • 24 Harlequin Players
  • The Chaos forces from the Dark Vengeance set
  • 3 random SM Heroes - Librarian, Captain & a Priest?
  • Chaos Rhino
  • Deathwatch Marines & Dreadnought from Deathmasque (probably never do these)
  • 10+ random Roman Legionnaires
  • Harlequin Shadowseer (old metal version)
Put these together and undercoated them two nights ago
3 random SM Heroes & the Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance

Harlequin Skyweavers - 2 on left just need touch ups
Deathmasque Deathwatch
Dark Vengeance Cultists, Hellbrute & Possessed - got these for free off a mate, cheers Reagan 
Started this in July or August?
Assembled all of these tonight - took a while to sort out the weapon options
Random Warlord Games Romans - had these for about 18 months?

Sooner I get all of these done the sooner I can start gaming with my Harlequins - missed out this week due to family commitments but should get games in soon. Going to be a busy couple of months

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