April 23, 2017

Another Harlequin Troupe completed... eventually

Been a busy fortnight painting wise  but one where I've jumped back and forth between a number of different projects. The latest thing to be completed is another lot of Harlequin players painted after I realised I didn't have enough models equipped with standard CCW or Caresses.

My process can be either very focused directed at just one model or unit or haphazard. The last two weeks its worked like this:

  • Need to paint something... lets do the Wind Riders...
  • Can't be bothered assembling them lets do the Fire Prism
  • Yah Fire Prism's cool lets paint that
  • Check patterns are so much easier on big surfaces
  • Boo finished the Fire Prism back to the Wind Riders
  • Farseer is cool but ah I've mucked up somewhere.. Windriders again?
  • Wind Riders are boring lets finish off those Skyweavers
  • Skyweavers still look hideous lets do the Yncarne
  • Ahhh Yncarnes tricky I need more Harlequin players with Caresses lets do those
  • Harlequin players are fun but...
  • Back to the Yncarne
  • Waiting for washes to dry lets give the Windriders another go
  • Back to the Yncarne
  • Yncarne finished
  • Touch up some Skyweavers... nope lets base the Harlequin Players
  • Players all based back to the Wind Riders
  • Oh look some Cultists...
Still a lot on the painting table to be completed and with 8th Age of Gulliman announced its going to be an interesting few months

April 21, 2017

Yncarne Completed

Well pretty much completed say 98% have some gemstones to finish off and I'm not entirely happy with the way the flames look but other than that she's all done.

April 17, 2017

WIP - Eldar Farseer & the Yncarne

With the Fire Prism finished I've started work on my Eldar Jet Bikes/Farseer and of course the Yncarne who I used in a game for the first time yesterday.  The Yncarne is a somewhat tricky model to put together.  I would strongly suggest that people (a) dry fit all the pieces together before gluing as many connection points are very small and others unclear in terms of their position, (b) don't assemble the whole thing prior to painting.  I of course only figured this out after I had put most of it together.

Painting wise I was worried (this morning) that I'd have to strip the Yncarne and start again but its starting to look a lot better now that I've added various layers to it.

On the tabletop she's pretty good although with only a 3+/5++ she dies fairly easily.  Some things I liked/learnt about using her:

  • Don't send her out alone.
  • The teleporting ability is pretty awesome but should be used wisely.
  • She will die to concentrated shooting.
  • She can (if you roll well) kill Saint Celestine in 1 round of combat

April 14, 2017

Eldar Fire Prism Completed

Now that was an enjoyable model to paint,  might have to buy another one so I can do it again.  Kept it simple with the Harlequin checkerboard pattern on one half and a basic blue on the other.  The blue I applied a basic layer coat too and then about 3 more layers of thinner progressively lighter shades of the same blue.  Turned out better than I thought it would so quite happy.  As with all my checkerboard stuff it does look better from a distance though so I'd call it table top standard only.  And as usual now that I've finished everything all I want to do is paint strip the whole lot and start again to get them all even... bloody OCD.

Next projects are the 3 Eldar Jet Bikes and the Farseer that came with the Fire Prism.  Then I might just try and tackle the Yncarne...

April 11, 2017

Soulburst & Reborn Harlequins make for interesting times

Had my first game with a Reborn Warhost tonight using a Harlequin dominated detachment.  I was up against a vehicle heavy Imperial Guard army at 1500 points which included a lot of heavy weapons and long range firepower.

Harlequin Reborn Warhost
Wind Riders w. Scatter Lasers
Troupe w. Starweaver
Troupe w. Starweaver
Troupe w. Starweaver
4 x Skyweavers
4 x Skyweavers
Fire Prism

Overall impression of the Soulburst/Reborn rules is that its pretty awesome if you get to use it but damn if it doesn't make things difficult for your opponent.  Some things I learnt from the game and from others locally who've used it:

  • You will need counters to allow you to keep track of who has and has not Soulbursted.
  • You need to keep units close together with groups of 3 being ideal.  
  • If your playing against a Reborn Host then don't wipe out enemy units, weaken them then move on.
  • Determining who Soulbursts is tricky do you measure from where models were or where the last model was taken off when determining the 7" rule?
  • If Soulburst causes a unit to assault someone and they make the charge do you play the assault round immediately or wait until the assault phase?  The former gives you 2 assault rounds, the latter only one - especially important for armies with Hit & Run.
  • Soulburst is made for Jet Bikes but would also boost infantry blobs.
  • It can slow games down considerably.
A revised FAQ is definitely needed for this rule.

WIP - Eldar Fire Prism

Painting this guy up to fit in with my Harlequins.  Photos show first 3 stages....

Stage 1 - Initial block colours
Stage 2 - outlining of hull indentations
Stage 3 - edge highlighting of block colours
Aiming to get it finished this week.  Blue half will be lightened down and shaded and I'll start adding transfers to this and my other models.  Next project are the Wind Riders and Farseer from the same box set.

April 2, 2017

WIP - Eldar, Triumvirate of Ynnead & Colditz?

Been a little bit naughty and have spent up on some new models the last couple of weeks.  Following a fun day out in Kapiti with my Harlequins I've decided the Reborn Warhost is something I want to experiment with.  Consequently, last week I ordered the "Starting Eldar" box set and the "Triumvirate of Ynnead".  Of the special characters in the 3 Gathering Storm books they were the only ones I could use anyway as my only other armies are Word Bearers & Khorne Daemonkin.  Although I guess I could get Girlyman just to build him, paint him and then impale bits of him over my Word Bearers Rhinos.

The Triumvirate
The Triumvirate kit was pretty damn good the box set contained a couple of nice extras including a nice A4 size poster and a very cool interior box.  The instructions were first class as well with colour coding a new feature I've not seen before in a GW kit.  The models themselves were fun to construct but damn the Yncarne is fiddly.  Painting them's going to be interesting - plan on taking the Yncarne to my next event so its up first along with the Eldar box set models.

Eldar Fire Prism
Random pic of my rather under supplied work station
Finally in a nod to my childhood a copy of the reissued Escape from Colditz game is also on its way after my wife surprised my by announcing that she loved the game as a kid.  Turns out we both had English families living up the road who owned a copy.  She wasn't surprised when I announced I always enjoyed playing the Germans.

Looking forward to playing it when it arrives as its a game I had a lot of fun with when I was younger.  Especially as the books by P.R.Reid "The Colditz Story" and "Latter days at Colditz" were among my favourites growing up.  The original TV series wasn't bad either.