April 14, 2017

Eldar Fire Prism Completed

Now that was an enjoyable model to paint,  might have to buy another one so I can do it again.  Kept it simple with the Harlequin checkerboard pattern on one half and a basic blue on the other.  The blue I applied a basic layer coat too and then about 3 more layers of thinner progressively lighter shades of the same blue.  Turned out better than I thought it would so quite happy.  As with all my checkerboard stuff it does look better from a distance though so I'd call it table top standard only.  And as usual now that I've finished everything all I want to do is paint strip the whole lot and start again to get them all even... bloody OCD.

Next projects are the 3 Eldar Jet Bikes and the Farseer that came with the Fire Prism.  Then I might just try and tackle the Yncarne...

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da Gobbo Grotto said...

Well worth the effort mate, though I bet it was tough going with those checks!