April 11, 2017

Soulburst & Reborn Harlequins make for interesting times

Had my first game with a Reborn Warhost tonight using a Harlequin dominated detachment.  I was up against a vehicle heavy Imperial Guard army at 1500 points which included a lot of heavy weapons and long range firepower.

Harlequin Reborn Warhost
Wind Riders w. Scatter Lasers
Troupe w. Starweaver
Troupe w. Starweaver
Troupe w. Starweaver
4 x Skyweavers
4 x Skyweavers
Fire Prism

Overall impression of the Soulburst/Reborn rules is that its pretty awesome if you get to use it but damn if it doesn't make things difficult for your opponent.  Some things I learnt from the game and from others locally who've used it:

  • You will need counters to allow you to keep track of who has and has not Soulbursted.
  • You need to keep units close together with groups of 3 being ideal.  
  • If your playing against a Reborn Host then don't wipe out enemy units, weaken them then move on.
  • Determining who Soulbursts is tricky do you measure from where models were or where the last model was taken off when determining the 7" rule?
  • If Soulburst causes a unit to assault someone and they make the charge do you play the assault round immediately or wait until the assault phase?  The former gives you 2 assault rounds, the latter only one - especially important for armies with Hit & Run.
  • Soulburst is made for Jet Bikes but would also boost infantry blobs.
  • It can slow games down considerably.
A revised FAQ is definitely needed for this rule.

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