April 2, 2017

WIP - Eldar, Triumvirate of Ynnead & Colditz?

Been a little bit naughty and have spent up on some new models the last couple of weeks.  Following a fun day out in Kapiti with my Harlequins I've decided the Reborn Warhost is something I want to experiment with.  Consequently, last week I ordered the "Starting Eldar" box set and the "Triumvirate of Ynnead".  Of the special characters in the 3 Gathering Storm books they were the only ones I could use anyway as my only other armies are Word Bearers & Khorne Daemonkin.  Although I guess I could get Girlyman just to build him, paint him and then impale bits of him over my Word Bearers Rhinos.

The Triumvirate
The Triumvirate kit was pretty damn good the box set contained a couple of nice extras including a nice A4 size poster and a very cool interior box.  The instructions were first class as well with colour coding a new feature I've not seen before in a GW kit.  The models themselves were fun to construct but damn the Yncarne is fiddly.  Painting them's going to be interesting - plan on taking the Yncarne to my next event so its up first along with the Eldar box set models.

Eldar Fire Prism
Random pic of my rather under supplied work station
Finally in a nod to my childhood a copy of the reissued Escape from Colditz game is also on its way after my wife surprised my by announcing that she loved the game as a kid.  Turns out we both had English families living up the road who owned a copy.  She wasn't surprised when I announced I always enjoyed playing the Germans.

Looking forward to playing it when it arrives as its a game I had a lot of fun with when I was younger.  Especially as the books by P.R.Reid "The Colditz Story" and "Latter days at Colditz" were among my favourites growing up.  The original TV series wasn't bad either.

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