May 30, 2017

Final 7th Ed 40k Tournament ever....

The weekend after next June 10th/11th marks the last ever 7th Edition 40k tournament here in New Zealand, Maelstrom, and possibly the last time I ever to get run a Soulbursting Reborn Warhost before the new stuff hits the shelves.  Had completely forgotten about it and the painting I need to finish off to get ready for it.  But submitted my final list this morning.  Should be a fun weekend especially as we all get to talk about 8th Ed and whatever things we've put on pre-order.

Final ever 7th Ed tournament list
Harlequin/Eldar Reborn Warhost @ 1500pts

w. Jet Bike & Singing Spear
Death Jester
w. Lost Shroud, Haywire Grenades
Windriders x 3
w. Scatter Lasers
Harlequin Troupe
w. Starweaver, 2 x Caress, Haywire Grenades
Harlequin Troupe
w. Starweaver, 2 x Caress, Haywire Grenades
Skyweavers x 3
w. Shuriken Cannons, Star Bolas
Skyweavers x 3
w. Shuriken Cannons, Star Bolas
Skyweavers x 2
w. Shuriken Cannons, Star Bolas
The Yncarne

7+ units in starting army means 2 can Soulburst in response to someone dying rather than the standard 1.  Everyone's Stubborn and as long as they're close together they can ignore Morale checks for losing 25%, and everyone within 12" of The Yncarne has Fearless and FNP.  Oh and there are a total of 12 Shuriken Cannons, 1 Shrieker/Shuriken Cannon & 3 Scatter Lasers in the list creating a total of 51 S6 shots each turn.

May 14, 2017

First attempt at Age of Sigmar

Well I got the General's handbook and printed out the Compendiums which allowed me to construct a couple of small 500pt(ish) armies based around my WH40k Daemons and ex-WHFB Ogres or Gutbusters as they're called now.  Played 3 quick games in the end focusing on the core rules only so no extra items and various unit rules got ignored.  This gave myself and my son, whose 7, a chance to get used to the game mechanics.  Turns out that didn't take long although I had to pose a couple of questions on FB as everything was so different to WHFB.

2 units of Ogres, a Tyrant and a unit of Leadbelchers vs.
1 unit of Bloodletters, 1 of Warhounds, 1 of Bloodcrushers and a Herald
First impressions it's very easy to pick up.  My son had the unit characteristics and basic game mechanics sorted inside 10 minutes.  We missed a few things early on like retreating, and any unit with 3" being able to fight that sort of thing but the games flowed really well.  Did have some issues with it though principally the lack of tactical depth.  In WHFB there was always a strong emphasis on movement, set up favourable charges, luring enemy units into poor positions, outflanking etc.  Charge reactions were a massive component of the game as well.  These have all been removed and the new mechanism while fun and simple to play doesn't really seem to require much other than charge in and bash people.  Did some reading though and it would appear that there is a layer of tactics to it I haven't grasped yet so I'll wait until I've played some experienced AoS gamers.

He's grinning because he's rolling 6's all the time and chopping me to bits

The other issue I had is of course whether or not I can use my existing collection.  Reading online it appears that some events ban the use of Compendium units which means the majority of ex-WHFB models/units are now out unless they have a corresponding warscroll.  For Dwarfs there aren't any which leaves me with Ogres and Daemons of Khorne.   I did download a few of the free books via the AoS app and worked out that I can at most field 2000pts of Ogres, and of Khorne Daemons but thats only by putting everything I have on the table.  That doesn't leave a lot of room for experimenting with lists, and designing specific builds which was always a key part of WHFB.

But still AoS is a simple game, one that I can get the kids into and it has a strong local player base which are all massive pluses meaning I'll be giving the game another go soon.  It also did encourage me to unbox my old WHFB models and put them out on the shelf again.

May 9, 2017

Drinking the cool aid with AoS

Think I've gotten over my bitterness with the demise of 8th Ed WHFB... got this today