May 9, 2017

Drinking the cool aid with AoS

Think I've gotten over my bitterness with the demise of 8th Ed WHFB... got this today


Tane said...

Mate, try Kings of War. I've never played AoS, no problems with those who do. But I have no faith in GW to write a balanced, tight ruleset, not after seeing what Mantic have put out.

Plus ranks/flanks > skirmish.

John Murrie said...

Looked at it even brought the rules but found it kind of blah. Plus AoS has a good local player base KoW and 9th have no one. And I can teach AoS to my kids

Tane said...

Fair enough, we should all play the games that appeal to us, not what others think. I hope you have as much fun with AoS as I'm having with KoW.