June 2, 2017

8th Ed 40k Harlequin rules leaks

Unofficially I might have been scanning a PDF copy of new 8th Ed 40k indexes focusing on the Harlequins and there are some very interesting changes to what is turning into my favourite army to paint and play.

Points changes

  • Skyweavers slightly cheaper.
  • Troupe Masters vastly more expensive 
  • Caresses now cheaper
  • Kisses more expensive
Weapons changes
  • Caresses now S5 AP-2 doing 1 damage - lost ability to auto-glance vehicles
  • Shrieker Cannons rules modified special ability (Death Jester) does D3 mortal wounds
  • Kisses now S4 AP-1 but do D3 damage, so are better than before
  • Bladestorm has gone replaced with 6's to wound being AP-3
  • Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher is def. better and something you won't ignore
Army rules
  • Rising Crescendo means you can advance & charge in the same turn and fall back/shoot and charge in the same turn.
Unit Changes
  • Solitaire 8 attacks hit and wound on 2+ with Kiss or Caress so possible 24 wounds @ D3
  • Troupe Masters 5 wounds - Masque units within 6" re-roll wounds
  • Void & Starweavers slightly more survivable.  
Overall, I like it the points values are freaking weird across this and all Index's looks like Power Ratings might be the bets way to manage lists particularly in the tournament environment.

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