July 31, 2017

Death Guard Squad #4 & 30 Poxwalkers completed

Lots done over the weekend.  Finished painting and basing 10 Plague Marines & 30 Poxwalkers. Really enjoying painting this army not much left to do though...

July 27, 2017

Death Guard Foetid Blightdrone completed

Home from work with a sick child gives you a bit of time to do some painting.  In this case I managed to get my first Foetid Blightdrone finished and make a start on my next 30 odd Poxwalkers.

July 26, 2017

Another Death Guard Tactical Squad + a Blightbringer

4th Dark Imperium Death Guard Tactical Squad is finished except for the basing including a number of Green Stuff enabled modifications and the inclusion of some of the new snap-fit models.  The mod's included my attempt at adding diseased pustules to the Death Guard.  The intent being to get them to match up with the colour scheme on my Pox Walkers.  Not quite sold on the final effect...

July 23, 2017

Making Deathguard a bit more Nurgley!!!

Tried my hand at green stuffing the other night to add a further point of difference to my remaining Death Guard marines.  Still a bit of work to do blending the extra tentacles and boils in but overall they look pretty good for a first attempt.

July 21, 2017

Snap Fit Death Guard & latest Death Guard modifications

A family holiday and a new batch of students kept me away from my hobby for the last week or so but I finally got some spare time to do more work on my Death Guard.  This included 2 lots of the new Snap Fit Death Guard models, and my 5th Dark Imperium DG Squad.

First up the Snap Fit models.  These are seriously good.  The sculpts are interesting, full of detail and of the the high quality you expect of GW kits.  The models themselves are incredibly easy to put together but also lend themselves to modifications with each piece scaled to match the new Death Guard models.  

I assembled one set as pictured on the box but the other one I intermixed with my Dark Imperium Death Guard swapping arms and weapons around and adding a few bits left over from other sets.

July 11, 2017

Deathguard modifications & progress so far

Assembled my 4th (of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads last night making a few simple modifications along the way. Also took stock of my painting progress from the last 3 weeks and its looking good. Taking a break for a week or two now as School Holidays are here but aiming to get rest of the models finished in time for the new Codex.

Progress so far 3 Tactical Squads, 10 Poxwalkers and 2 characters.  

Modifications here were swapping of Powerfist and Backpacks between each model.  Removal of various extra bits like the bells and flaming things (whatever they are), and added Bolter for the former unit Champion.  The sword that the running dude had was given to another model.

Guy with the tongue sticking out (my favourite of the new models so far) got the sword from the running guy in the 1st picture and the arm off of the grenade dude.  Rest of the changes were simple arm swaps, and inclusion of the skull on the stick to cover up a gap in the model on the far right.

Basic head swap for the guy on the left and addition of a Deathwatch heavy weapon and an old CSM head for the guy on the right.  Added a handle above the right hand for the heavy weapon guy after the picture was taken.  All the models will require some green stuff to fix a few holes here and there and I might have a go at adding extra tentacles as well.

July 9, 2017

Poxwalkers & 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad complete

Making steady progress on my various sets of Dark Imperium Deathguard.  Took a small break from the Marines and had a go at the first lot of Poxwalkers.  As with the Marines they're amazingly detailed models that really fit together well and look good.  I kept the painting process for the Poxwalkers fairly simple relying on multiple wash layers for the skin and only adding colour to the various mutations etc on each model.


July 7, 2017

WIP - 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad & Poxwalkers

Nearly finished my 3rd (out of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads this time with some slight modifications to various models in the unit.  Basically I swapped a few arms around, chopped off some of the weird extra bells & bugs GW seem to love so much, and added a former Deathwatch weapon to sub in as a Blight Launcher.  Plan on modifying my remaining 2 squads in much the same way.

Also made a start on my first lot of Poxwalkers - a few hours work and they're nearly ready.  Base coat and a few washes for the skin and then some basic colour highlights for all the buboes and tentacles.  

Still a lot left to paint so its going to be a busy few months...