July 26, 2017

Another Death Guard Tactical Squad + a Blightbringer

4th Dark Imperium Death Guard Tactical Squad is finished except for the basing including a number of Green Stuff enabled modifications and the inclusion of some of the new snap-fit models.  The mod's included my attempt at adding diseased pustules to the Death Guard.  The intent being to get them to match up with the colour scheme on my Pox Walkers.  Not quite sold on the final effect...

The Blightbringer is not quite finished yet but pretty much there.  Also made a start of my Foetid Blightdrone a process hampered by the fact that I screwed it up initially but not figuring out what each element of it was i.e. armour, flesh etc..

Still quite a lot left to paint 50 Poxwalkers, 3 Blight Drones (1 started), 2 Lords of Contagion, 3 Plaguecasters, 10 Death Guard Marines & 2 Blightbringers (1 started).  After that I might have to start buying something else.

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