July 11, 2017

Deathguard modifications & progress so far

Assembled my 4th (of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads last night making a few simple modifications along the way. Also took stock of my painting progress from the last 3 weeks and its looking good. Taking a break for a week or two now as School Holidays are here but aiming to get rest of the models finished in time for the new Codex.

Progress so far 3 Tactical Squads, 10 Poxwalkers and 2 characters.  

Modifications here were swapping of Powerfist and Backpacks between each model.  Removal of various extra bits like the bells and flaming things (whatever they are), and added Bolter for the former unit Champion.  The sword that the running dude had was given to another model.

Guy with the tongue sticking out (my favourite of the new models so far) got the sword from the running guy in the 1st picture and the arm off of the grenade dude.  Rest of the changes were simple arm swaps, and inclusion of the skull on the stick to cover up a gap in the model on the far right.

Basic head swap for the guy on the left and addition of a Deathwatch heavy weapon and an old CSM head for the guy on the right.  Added a handle above the right hand for the heavy weapon guy after the picture was taken.  All the models will require some green stuff to fix a few holes here and there and I might have a go at adding extra tentacles as well.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Really like how you are doing your death guard mate. They look great, and the varied poses and minor weapons swaps look good. Love your take on the blight launcher.

JamieM said...

Good work, even minor swaps help break up the same figures really well.