July 9, 2017

Poxwalkers & 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad complete

Making steady progress on my various sets of Dark Imperium Deathguard.  Took a small break from the Marines and had a go at the first lot of Poxwalkers.  As with the Marines they're amazingly detailed models that really fit together well and look good.  I kept the painting process for the Poxwalkers fairly simple relying on multiple wash layers for the skin and only adding colour to the various mutations etc on each model.


Basing wise I continued with the flowery happy looking theme which I quite like as it makes a nice contrast with the Nurgleness that is Deathguard.  For the Marines I also did some modifications on the generic Dark Imperium models moving a few arms around and also adding in a Deathguard heavy weapon to substitute as a Blight Launcher.

The models work well together as well with the Poxwalkers showing a clear height difference between them and the Marines.  I kind of like the colours you get across the models with the various mutations etc.

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