July 7, 2017

WIP - 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad & Poxwalkers

Nearly finished my 3rd (out of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads this time with some slight modifications to various models in the unit.  Basically I swapped a few arms around, chopped off some of the weird extra bells & bugs GW seem to love so much, and added a former Deathwatch weapon to sub in as a Blight Launcher.  Plan on modifying my remaining 2 squads in much the same way.

Also made a start on my first lot of Poxwalkers - a few hours work and they're nearly ready.  Base coat and a few washes for the skin and then some basic colour highlights for all the buboes and tentacles.  

Still a lot left to paint so its going to be a busy few months...

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