October 27, 2017

Deathguard Blightlord Terminators completed

Really looked forward to getting these guys and with some free time on my hands its only taken me a few days to get them finished.  Very nice models as all the new sculpts are just disappointing that box set has so few options in terms of how you kit out the miniatures.  For example Plague Axes are the standard melee weapon load out for the unit but there are only 3 such axes in the set.  There's also a distinct lack of combi-weapon options with just one melta, one plasma and one flamer available.  So any attempt to field a WYSIWYG unit with multiples of a particular combi-weapon is going to require some kit bashing.  In terms of heavy weapon options I went with the Auto-Cannon over the plague weapon options.  Game wise with the DG ability to ignore weapon penalties for moving it seemed the best option.

With these guys done my Deathguard army is pretty much complete and I'm not looking at getting any more as what I have is enough to build a decent 1500-2000pt list.  Next project.... Astra Militarum

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